Spiritual Abuse in the Church: A Guide to Recognition and Recovery

Perhaps we should stop dancing around the description of abusive churches that argues they are something other than  cultic. Yes, a church can be Christian, and a cult–a Christian cult.

I have recently completed a 7-year process of earning a Doctor of Ministry degree at Western Seminary.  My dissertation was a survey of Spiritual Abuse in the Christian Church, with a view towards understanding what spiritual abuse is, how spiritually abusive leaders act and speak, what are the marks of a spiritually abusive church are, and how healthy churches and pastors can be a part of creating a church community that welcomes the survivors of spiritual abuse, and helps them find healing for the abuse. I cover a lot of ground that others have already explored regarding this issue, but (in my opinion!) I think I do a small part to further an understanding of abusive churches that clearly defines them as cultic in their operations and ideology, even if not in doctrine.

Spiritual Abuse in the Church. Dissertation Final


Pastor Ken