Lent 2017

The season of Lent is a 6 week season observed by many Christians around the world and through the centuries  as a time for confession, repentance, self-reflection and prayer, all with a view towards spiritual preparation for the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus on Easter morning.  This year at Grace Bible Church, we will observe the season of Lent with a weekly prayer service on Wednesdays at 12:10pm, beginning on March 1st.

Each Wednesday we’ll gather for quiet self-reflection, prayer, and the celebration of the Lord’s Table. I hope you’ll consider making our weekly Lenten service a part of your worship, as you prepare to celebrate Easter!

We will conclude each service by 12:45pm.  For more information, please contact me at kengarrett1960@gmail.com, or, 503.762.9941.


Pastor Ken