Jackie Bailey Update!!!!

I can’t believe I have just four weeks left on board.  Eight months sure has flown by!  I have some prayer requests for you.  Our ship is guarded by Gurkas, an awesome elite military force from Nepal (I’m standing with Lok Gurung).  Most of the Gurkas are from Kathmandu and although their families survived the earthquake, their homes were destroyed.  They are trying to get flights to join their families, but it is very difficult and they are understandably distraught, so please pray for them.DSCN0288
I appreciate your prayers for Freidia (the little one scheduled for the cleft lip/palate surgery).  Although she didn’t make weight, they decided to go ahead and do the surgery (which is a miracle in itself).  She is doing well, and hopefully she will now thrive, be able to breast feed and live her life without the stigma of disfigurement.  Thank you for praying!
Attached are some pictures of Florette…isn’t she beautiful.  The Dress ceremony the ladies are given a new outfit to begin their new lives.  Most of the VVF ladies are so petite, you can understand how a pregnancy rips them apart. Please continue to pray for them as they go back to their villages and resume their lives.
Photo Credit Katie Keegan - OBF Dress Ceremony on 10 April 2015Photo Credit Katie Keegan - OBF patient portraits after their dress ceremonyPhoto Credit Katie Keegan - OBF Dress Ceremony on 10 April 2015
Miss you all and can’t wait to see you soon!