Update from Jackie Bailey (2/23/15)

Hi Friends,
Just to keep you updated on little Fridia;  she had the cleft lip surgery and the doctors were waiting for her to gain more weight for the much more difficult cleft palate surgery, however, her mother has not brought her back to the ship.  From what I understand, the mom feels that now that she looks OK on the outside, she doesn’t need anything else. But she will not be able to talk well (if at all) or eat and digest food well and all the other complications that go along with a cleft palate. We are praying the mom will have a change of heart and return her to the ship before the maxfax surgeons leave.
I’m a terrible photographer and even worse videographer, but thought you’d like to hear some familiar worship in Malagasy.  This is my first time uploading to Youtube, so I hope this works.  The video is from the church that I go to called Nouvelle Souffle (New Breath), the service is in French and Malagasy, but there is always someone from the ship in our small group that attends that can interpret (usually one of the West African guys).  The pastor is the one playing the guiter; he is quite a character and gives a dynamite message.  I’ve also attached a photo I snapped of the addition they are building on the church and a little girl that is standing in the scaffolding.

Below is a video of our Day Crew (and a couple of crew members) singing for one of our Community Meetings on board the ship.  The Day Crew are hired from Tamatave and are very hard working, sweet people.  Their ethnic make up is a mix of African and Asian, and you can see a lot of the Asian influence in their demeanor.

Work and life on board have been super busy, so my apologies for not keeping you updated better, but thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
Miss you all…Jackie