Annual State of the Church meeting

THANK YOU, all who gathered for our State of the Church meeting yesterday!  I was (again) so pleased and encouraged to see the affection, respect, and optimism that saturates our congregation!  Thank you for granting me the honor of being your pastor!

As for our business decisions made yesterday, there are only two:  We approved the proposed 2015 Budget, as presented, and we approved two changes to our constitution regarding our meetings (only one meeting a year, instead of two, and Robert’s Rules no longer a requirement for the structure and administration of our meetings).  I appreciate Brian, Roger, and Sharon’s reports in our meeting, and the excellent questions and encouraging comments from our members and friends–thank you!

I’ve included, by PDF link at the bottom of this post, a copy of my yearly letter to the church, where I share with you how I see the past year has having gone, and what issues, directions, concerns, etc., I identify for the year to come.  It’s a three-page letter, so I merely summarized it in our meeting instead of reading the whole thing.

Pastor letter. State of Church 2015

Pastor Ken

2 thoughts on “Annual State of the Church meeting

  1. Bethany Grace Martin February 23, 2015 / 9:16 am

    Pastor Ken, I’m glad you shared your vision here because several of us mothers were otherwise engaged yesterday and couldn’t hear you in the infant room! Your letter will be an ongoing encouragement for all of us to refer back to in the upcoming year–thank you and we love you!

    • Grace Administrator February 23, 2015 / 10:09 am

      Thank you, Bethany!

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