Just in from Jackie Bailey…

Photo Credit Justine Forrest, PAT12308 Romino Attached is a picture of Romino, who you can see is doing quite well.  There are always children walking up and down the corridors with huge smiles.  One adult stays with each child and sleeps under their bed, so the nurses have to watch where they step!  I ran into a Father here with his daughter (1st one in the line) and I asked him how things were going and it was so touching, he fashioned his arms as though he was holding a large bowl and then made them straight to show me what a wonderful thing that his little girl will be walking straight and upright.  He got his point across very well despite the language barrier.
I hope you are able to read the letter I attached.  This woman was just overflowing with gratitude and expressed it in such a profound, lovely way.
As for prayer requests, the Eye Team is looking for cataract patients out in the rural areas.  Apparently 60% of the population in Madagascar is under 30 and the Lions Club has been very active here, so Madagasy eyes are in pretty good shape, but we are looking for those that may not have access to eye care.
Things are going well and I’ll try to update my blog with pictures from Christmas and my adventure to Ile Saint Marie for holiday.
Love you all,
MS Update Photo Credit Deb Louden, Ortho kids play in the hallway in the hospital. Photo Credit Amanda Wilder Photo Credit Amanda Wilder