We hope you have a safe, blessed New Year, and that as you reflect back on 2014 you’ll see the presence of God in all that happened to you.  I know that that statement is loaded–not all things in 2014 were so great, were they?  But if you can take the smallest step of faith, to dare to consider that, while a few chapters of your “life story” are doubtlessly dark and disappointing, perhaps devastatingly painful–you can know the end of the “book,” that a loving God blesses and saves all who simply turn to Him.  Can you join me, and many others, and look to the rising sun that chases away the cold and darkness of night?  It might be the most significant step you ever take, and may be completely in the privacy of your own soul–to simply say “yes” to the astounding offer of unending life and blessing found in a relationship with Jesus.

familiesA great way to start out the new year is to pursue a deeper walk with God.  To that end, Bethany Martin has created a wonderful, 31-day devotional series called 31 Days Between You and Me.  Please consider joining with many others at Grace Bible as we spend the next month interacting with each day’s reading.  Bethany’s theme for the devotional is “relationships in our families, with the purpose of finding ways to strengthen those ties.”  Please give it a try!

A couple of reminders:  1:  There will be no prayer meeting on Thursday, December 1st (We’ll pick it up next week.) and (this is the biggy) 2: Our new service time will go into effect next Sunday, January 4th, when we will gather for worship, friendship, encouragement, and whatever surprising miracles the Holy Spirit will accomplish–at 10 am.  Our bible study will begin at 9am, in the downstairs fellowship hall.

I hope to see you there, and again, my dear friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Pastor Ken