Preaching @ Grace

Most preachers are a bit obsessed with…preaching.  This unique, difficult-to-understand gift from the Lord, the ability to stand in front of a group of people and relate a text thousands of years’ old to their lives today—in the audacious proposition that God Himself will show up to make it all make sense…is the reason for a seemingly endless series of preaching text-books and devotionals that are published every year.  I suspect that almost all of these books make it (mostly) onto the library shelves and into the kindles and eReaders of preachers.  A good preacher is a life-long student of the art of public speaking, and a life-long worshipper of the gracious King who has called to the task of speaking for Him to His beloved people.  He is responsible to develop and hone his skill, as any craftsman must do to stay sharp in the art, but the main requirement for the preacher is that he must be willing to consistently, doggedly, abandon himself to the enabling power of the Spirit of God, especially in the actual preaching moment.  (This moment is simply the immediate, face-to-face experience of the sermon as it is delivered to the listeners.)    The notes, voice exercises, lighting, sound technology, pulpit use (does anyone still use pulpits?) are all the stage-props of preaching—not the content, and whenever these things make the faintest suggestion of confusion or competition with the simple, Spirit-filled deliverance of the message of God, from His word, through the preacher’s words, and into the very heart and soul of His people, the props must be cast aside, and the Spirit trusted to speak.  All of the preparation of a sermon is not preparation to speak mere words, but preparation to hear God speak, at the actual, preaching moment, and then speak the right words to His people.

I am particularly delighted that our dear church has been given two excellent preachers.  Recently Roger Whaley and Luke Todd have blessed Grace Bible Church with wonderful, Spirit-filled sermons.  Roger is an elder at Grace, and after a career in the nursery industry, he has spent the past couple of years in the home healthcare field.  Luke is studying at Western Seminary, working on a Master of Theology degree, and works in Western’s admissions department.  Both are gifted speakers, and I encourage you to listen to their sermons on our “Sermons” page.

Blessings, Pastor Ken

Roger Whaley
Luke Todd