Christmas Giving Opportunities

This Sunday (December 16th) is our Traditional Children’s Christmas service.  The children will be dressing up, so please bring your children to the kids’ room downstairs and help them pick out their costumes.

We will also be presenting gifts for our adopted Christmas family.  Our family this year has just arrived from Burma, where they lived in a refugee camp for many years.  They have six children.  Please bring your gifts gift wrapped to the church is this Sunday, December 16th so that our children may present them at the altar.

photo (1)

Here are the names and ages of the children in our adopted Karen Christmas family.  The photo does not show the oldest two children.

Paw Htoo (Male 18)

Da Da Eh (Female Freshman at PCC)

Na Mu Tor (Female 16)

Na Plo Eh (Female 13)

Laitika Htoo (Female 8)

Saw Eh Htoo (Male 4)

The little boy likes cars and anything that has flashing lights.

The littlest girl wants a keyboard.

The children’s clothing sizes are the same as their ages.

The adults and teens all wear size Medium.

Feel free to contribute gift cards, but please gift wrap each one.

ALSO…Our children have hung their stockings in the church library over the fireplace.  Please feel free to drop in small gifts and… this is an opportunity to contribute to the children’s camp scholarship fund.  All proceeds will be divided equally among the children who attend camp.  It’s a little bit of a contest in that the child who raises the most money for camp will get a special prize.

Lastly, please join us on Christmas Eve at 5 PM.  You will find invitations to our Christmas Sunday and Christmas Eve services on the back table.  Please take a handful and hand them out to friends, neighbors and family.  We hope to see you there!